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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This is such a wild time in my life. Days and weeks are going by so fast, and I'm trying to savor it all. I'm a notorious worrier, and since we only have a couple things left to finalize for our wedding, a few weeks ago I suddenly found myself getting overwhelmed by the whole thing. But now that we're mere weeks away from arguably the biggest day of our lives, I want to embrace it with every ounce of my being. The best advice I received when we first got engaged came from a dear friend who reminded me that as soon as the planning process became stressful or unenjoyable, to take a step back and regroup. There were certainly times throughout the past year and a half that we considered eloping or just driving down to the courthouse, but in the end, I think we did a good job of truly savoring our engagement. So instead of worrying if my mascara will be waterproof enough, if we'll have beautiful weather, or what will happen if I forget my vows, I've finally come around to the idea of letting myself be undeniably thrilled about it all.

Last week Brian's family threw me a bridal shower, and we spent the afternoon after it relaxing with family and eating burritos twice the size of our heads. Once everyone left, Brian's parents and I started going through the gifts we had received earlier in the day, labeling them, repacking them, putting them in storage. We were all exhausted but had the process down to a system, and I couldn't help but stop and notice how wonderful everything is right now. Every day is filled with support and love pouring from every end. We're feeling undeniably lucky and grateful. 

Below are some iPhone photos of some documented moments from the past few weeks. I hope things are going well wherever you are. xo


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