A Surprise Weekend

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Months ago, my sister told me and my mom to keep last weekend wide open, and I had been anxiously awaiting it for weeks and weeks. Early last week she told me what to pack and where to meet them,  and it was the biggest treat to find out we were staying at the Palmer House downtown and that my sister (maid of honor extraordinairrrrrre) had planned a weekend full of all the fun things, just us Nikravan girls. 

We started Saturday morning off with pastries at Le Pain Quotidien and blowouts at Dry Bar before hitting up a champagne bar and doing some wedding shopping. It was really nice spending some time together, sharing stories and updates, knowing we didn't have somewhere to go or anything to do immediately after. 

I don't think any of us kids hid much from our parents growing up (I guess my little brother is still growing up? Am I? ...), but I don't think my high school self would have ever believed that these are some of my best friends and that sitting around a table, sipping rose, chatting about embarrassing stories and life goals that it would be my mom saying we're oversharing. Still, it felt so good, like sitting with your best girlfriends and realizing hey, she's experienced this, too! 

Later that day we had dinner at The Boarding House and despite my dad's instructions to hit the town after, came back to the hotel for face masks, chocolate and trash TV.

Mortifying story about dinner ... we were talking in Farsi behind an Iranian couple's back that was sitting next to us, and they caught us and called us out. Biggest fear of my 28 years of existence came to life. I think we're still blushing. Lesson learned, maybe?

On Sunday morning my dad and brother joined us for brunch at Miss Ricky's and a few little walks around different neighborhoods. I've been feeling overwhelmed with all of the to-dos in my mind and the anticipation of a busy month ahead, and this was the perfect little break. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by these women and to have such a wonderful weekend planned for me. I really can't believe our good fortune these days and am so grateful for it all. My heart is so full of love. 

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