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Friday, March 25, 2016

Last weekend was one I look forward to every year. We spent the entire thing celebrating the Iranian New Year and my dad's birthday, eating our favorite foods and chatting with family all over the world. I can't believe everyone's going to be in one city in a few months, pinch me, pinch me.

The New Year was at 11:30 Saturday night this year, so we stayed up to balance eggs. Not that the time matters much. I remember one year when Brian and I were first dating we set our alarm for 2 am to get up and try, and my roommate rushed home from a concert at the same time, telling the cab driver to drive faster so she could balance an egg ;-) True to tradition, I got frustrated this year and gave up pretty quickly, while my brother and sister did theirs and Brian did five.

The next morning we surprised my dad with birthday donuts and a trip to Penrose Brewery (where we brought in our own sushi ;-) Later at home we celebrated with cake and more candles, before watching some animal DVDs ... cheetahs chasing and eating ostriches and that sort of thing because that's what my dad enjoys and once a year we'll allow it. 

And now, another weekend! These weeks, man. I can't keep up, but I'm not complaining because weekend, weekend, weekend! 

P.S. Check out Iranian New Years past here and here.

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