Over the Weekend...

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


... we did something random. We were on our way home from the grocery store Saturday morning, when Brian said "Picture this..." (a saying stolen from my dad, who starts all of his childhood stories this way :-) "What if we staycation downtown tonight?" Um, duh! OK!

We booked a room through the genius app Hotel Tonight, which releases discounted hotel rooms every morning. We were psyched to nab a room at the ACME Hotel. It was such a treat (at a great price) — we really felt like we were on vacation.

We loved the hotel's decor and overall modern, chic feel. The lighting and mirror in the bathroom were so cool, as was the free coffee delivered in the morning. Super cool, actually. 

We hopped into Friends Sushi a few blocks away before it got super crowded and ate some delicious rolls.

We tried our hardest to book a hotel with a pool, but when the search led to nowhere (what gives Chicago hotels?) we came up with competitive games in the boiling jacuzzi. Here we have a Polaroid photo documenting it (not pictured: annoyed other guests, red wine spillage). 

The next morning we stayed waaaaaay in and took advantage of cable TV while eating bagel sandwiches.

It was such a great night and felt like a real escape. I'd highly recommend it if you need a quick break (who doesn't?). Thanks for suggesting it, B! 

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