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Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy frigid, am-I-the-only-one-working-on-a-holiday Monday, sweet friends! Did you have a good weekend? Up until this point (well, last night), I'd applauded myself for keeping my cool during this wedding planning process, but I finally lost my mind. After attending an open house and debating when we should do things I'd like to forever avoid like pack, move and have a mortgage, realizing the weekend was passing by and I had neglected my freelance work, and glancing at that stupid wedding timeline that tells you you're way behind, always, I took it all out on the sparklers, of all things. Woof. We're ill-equipped for five more months of this. Send help. And wine. Mostly wine. 

Scrolling through my phone over the weekend I realized I never shared photos from when my best friend Lily visited for New Year's Eve and we did things like eat the best brunch, play games and chat on the couch for hours. 

Despite the restaurant we rang in the New Year in being a total bust, this was one of my favorite New Year's Eves. We spent it dancing and laughing with our very best friends and hung out all day the next day, playing Fibbage and feasting on ramen. It was so relaxing.

We also finally made the trek to Lagunitas and took a brewery tour, karaoked at home, went to the Chicago Cultural Center (super cool architectural exhibits this month) and Instagrammed the bone marrow at Purple Pig because it's just too good not to. It was such a great start to the year filled with so many people I love — a year that's going to be full of adventures, memories and a million more meltdowns. SEND WINE. 

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