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Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello! I hope you've been enjoying some great relaxing time with your friends and family, wherever you are. I've been in full don't-get-off-the-couch mode for days, and I'm working from home this week, so my office is my cozy bed at my parents' house (which is the best office of all during this strange ice/slush/sleet storm we're having in Chicago). I've also been cleaning up photos on my phone and computer and wanted to share some memories from the past few months — warmer days that allowed for long bike rides, celebrating new beginnings, spending time with visiting friends, Christmas with our families.

2015 has had a lot of memorable moments, but most of my favorite parts have come in the latter half of the year. I'm excited to share a full recap of the year soon and am anxiously awaiting 2016 (even though I'm giving up sweets, more on that soon...). Anyway, photos! Have a good one <3

And some that don't fit the mold but deserve to be shared anyway because celebrating Christmas with both of our families for the first time, reuniting with some high school best friends and spending time with our flower girl have made the past week so special.

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