What Brian Made (And We Ate)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Brian's nearing the end of his staycation before starting a new job, and we're both really going to miss the perks of the past couple of weeks. Typically, he goes to work before me, comes home long after me, so I'm in charge of planning and cooking our meals. But lately he's been the head chef, and it has been wonderful. We're eating at my preferred senior-citizen hour and eating the most delicious things at that. Where was he hiding these skills (and will this mean no more Brian's World Famous Cheese Quesadillas or Brian's World Famous Peanut Butter sandwiches?! Noooo!)? Here are six meals we've had in the past week, with quick iPhone snaps before scarfing down every last bite.

1. Salami and spinach stromboli 
2. Korean beef 
3. We had friends over for orzo salad and meatball subs
4. Mexican tortilla casserole (amaaaaaazing, our new favorite) 
5. Mini shells with peas and pancetta 
6. Tofu tacos with goat cheese 

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