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Monday, November 16, 2015

When it comes to skincare, I'm as low maintenance as they come. Our medicine cabinet is overflowing with splurged-on lotions and potions collecting more and more dust because all I really rely on is my trusty loofah and $3 body wash. I think about using the bath brush to exfoliate my skin, lotions to hydrate it, serums to stop it from aging, but then I think about how much I like laying under the covers, and I ignore it all.

It catches up with me in the winter, though. My scaly legs, cracked knuckles and ashy elbows aren't a good look, so I've been treating myself to just a few extra minutes getting ready in the morning and using One Love Organics products. One Love Organics offers a simpler approach to beauty: a sensitive yet effective alternate to those ubiquitous bottles and the mysterious stuff they contain. The products' plant based formulas are designed to nourish and balance all skin types, so they're perfect for everyone (and have the loveliest scent!).

I love what the company stands for and how they help pick out what's best for you: "We believe skin care should be simple. We believe that less is more. But sometimes you just need more. We believe laughter is the best beauty treatment. So have fun. Relax. Treat yourself. Use these guidelines as just that; a guide, not a rule book. Find what works best for you. Experiment. Play. Fall in love."

My favorite products are the antioxidant body serum and multitasking wonder balm. They leave my skin feeling light, fresh and smelling incredible. I have my eye on the travel kit at Anthropologie for some upcoming vacations and trips back and forth from my parents' house this holiday season.

(This post was sponsored by One Love Organics. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)

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