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Monday, October 26, 2015

One of life's greatest mysteries to me is how I go to work with multiple bags every morning, come home with multiple more, and most dudes on the bus are completely empty handed. On a good day, I lug around my big tote (with my bulging wallet and separate coin pouch), my gym bag, my lunch bag, a reusable bag in case I stop to get groceries, all while trying to grip my morning smoothie with a few spare fingers.

In an effort to downsize, I've been using Thread Wallets to carry essential cards, cash and keys. I've realized that with the help of a few jacket pockets, I don't really need my tote if I have my new wallet, and over the weekend I went out completely hands free. Like the dudes on the bus!!!

I have a 2.0 design, which has an elastic pocket to carry cash. I like to keep a few dollars in there and use the other pocket to carry my license, public transportation pass, debit, credit and insurance cards. Brian uses the 1.0 design, which doesn't have the elastic pocket, but it carries the same number of cards (10 comfortably, more less so...), and he has his keys attached. Since I tend to lose mine often, it's best we keep things separate.

We first heard of Thread Wallets on Kickstarter and have been following the new prints and designs on Instagram since. New prints come out often, and I've got my eyes on Black and White from the fall collection :-)

So, that's that. We've got funky, cool wallets, less bulk and the same amount of "have you seen my keys?"

(This post was sponsored by Thread Wallets. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)


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  2. thread wallet is very minimalist, and allows you to really slim down. There is a main pocket for a few of your least used cards, and then two outer pockets (front and back) for most used cards and cash.

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