Monika & Harsh's Wedding!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I feel like I'm still on such a high from last week's wedding of my two amazing friends. My high school friend Monika got married in Milwaukee last weekend, and two days of dancing, eating and reuniting with some of the best people I know wasn't enough. I'm such an emotional, crazy person at any wedding, but when one of my best friends gets married, it's like x100. Monika looked beautiful, the two of them together were breathtaking, and all of their guests couldn't stop showering them with love. 

I forgot to take my camera and I don't know enough about Hindu weddings to explain anything, but I do have grainy photos and a couple of videos. And feet that still hurt from dancing. And a giant spot in my heart for all the memories from this weekend.

I showed a friend of mine the video above of Brian dancing at the garba, and she couldn't believe it. She called him a chameleon because he can adapt so well to any situation. It's so true. My family abroad was also impressed and expects some Iranian dance moves soon ;-) 

Last, but definitely not least, a video of all the friends doing a dance for Monika and Harsh at the reception. The perfect cap to a perfect weekend.

Congratulations, Moni and Harsh. We love you so, so much! <3 


  1. Love it all!! I stalked every picture during the weekend. I absolutely love Brian's dancing video!!!

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