Happy List! {by Lily}

Friday, September 18, 2015

It's (basically) the weekend! Yahooooooo. FINALLY. This week was my first full week of work since the end of May (all hail summer hours - and wish them back), and I'm ready to kick back and eat pizza and drink wine with some ladies tonight. Do you have any plans? If you live in Chicago, Renegade Craft Fair is going on this weekend, which is free, and a highlight for me every year. So many beautiful, handmade things of all kinds in one place. I call it the best of Etsy :-)

AND NOW a happy list from my favorite gal pal to adventure with, my friend Lily! Lily's always fun, daring and so easy going. She also introduces me to the best Iranian music, appreciates good food more than anyone I know and is beautiful inside and out. Basically, I want to be her.

10 things that are making Lily smile as of late:

1. I turned 26 on August 26. celebrating my golden birthday with new friends I've made in Atlanta and old friends from home meant the world to me.
2. Rumi's Kitchen. Best Persian food in Atlanta.
3. Watching old movies.
4. The seasons transitioning from summer to fall. I'll find every excuse to go outside and enjoy the weather.
5. Hiking. A friend and I recently hiked around Garden of the Gods in Colorado. It was breathtaking and so surreal.
6. When people genuinely laugh. It's contagious, especially when people laugh so hard they cry.
7. Traveling to new destinations.
8. Weddings. I attended an Indian wedding this past weekend, and it was magical. I loved seeing all the colorful traditional Indian outfits. Everyone looked like a walking piece of art.
9. Dancing. My new favorite booty shaking song is Chammak Challo by Akon. I heard it at the wedding and couldn't stop moving to it.
10. Improv. It's a great tool for life. It makes me listen, create, and it's just plain fun ;-)

Thank you for sharing, Lily!

Check out more happy lists here and email your list to ladan.nikravan{at}gmail.com if you'd like to participate. Have a great weekend! xo

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