Bits and Pieces

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I was going to write about how much I love summer, how upset I am that July flew by, and then I realized it's September (almost mid-September, at that!), so where did August go? The past few months have been really good around here, as this season usually is. Full of travel, weddings, time with far away friends, short work days, patio dinners, breezy, open windows. The type of things I'll cherish as the city becomes the igloo I can't escape soon.

In the interest of keeping it real, it's not all roses, though. We've had some trying news here and there that's required hopes, hugs and an evaluation of everything else that is trivial. And more recently, Brian's been working more hours than I think any human should be awake in one day and I've absentmindedly lost just about everything important but my phone and keys this week. But, chin up. Let's end summer with the high spirit it gives us and welcome fall with open arms because there are new projects to start, new deadlines to keep, new connections to make and new goals to set.

Below are some iPhone photos of some of my favorite moments from the past few weeks (questionable ones included as usual, like all the 90-minute cassettes of recorded interviews I had transcribed over the years at my job before I left a few weeks ago — imagine the lost, wasted days of my life. but stellar ones, too, like the dog that prefers to sit like a human). I hope you're having a good almost mid-September. xo


  1. Is that a Royals baseball game? Were you in Kansas City this summer????

    1. Yes!!! But only briefly! We were there for a wedding last weekend. It was so, so hot!


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