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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Because I'm the nosiest and most curious (and surrounded by friends with great taste and style), I'm always wondering where someone got a certain something, where they're vacationing, what they're eating. I'd love to know your kitchen secrets (and where you got that dress), and, even though you're not really wondering, I'd like to share our last week in meals. 

In our journey to be better meal planners, we try to eat in six dinners a week, but weekends are often spent away from home and a weeknight restaurant splurge with a friend isn't uncommon. Here are six easy meals we had and recommend, with quick iPhone photos taken seconds before every last bite was inhaled. 

2. Grilled chicken breast and fried chickpea sandwiches with yogurt sauce
3. Spaghetti with shrimp, feta and dill 
4. Thai chicken curry
5. Roasted cod and scallions with spiced potatoes 
6. Turkey and cheese panini and lentil salad

What are you eating these days?


  1. These all look amazing! Travis and I love 1-pot or crockpot style meals, and have been doing them more often to cut down on time needed to prep for things like lunches. This has been our go to recently -- barley burritos!! http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/barley-bean-corn-burritos

    1. Those burritos look delicious!!! Adding them to the list. So often crockpot recipes call for the crockpot to be on 6-7 hours or so, and I never know what to do because I wouldn't get home in time to turn it off. Does yours automatically shut off?

  2. Oh my gosh! Is this for real!? You guys are awesome!!

    1. It's FOR REAL! Inspired by you!!! We're not as good about our grocery budget as you guys are, but we're trying!


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