Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Yesterday afternoon I came up with a great Christmas present idea for someone, which gives you a good idea of how my brain works. And then I started thinking of gift giving in general and how hard it can be to think of ideas for certain people or occasions. For example, when someone graciously offers their apartment so you don't have to book a hotel when traveling for a wedding, what do you get them?  Or, your in-laws. Or, your boss. The person who delivers your mail. Grab bags. The intern on her last day. You know what I mean. Well, enterrrrrr Malvi

This post is months late, which, as we psychoanalyzed me last night we realized is pretty spot on — been obsessed with Malvi for months but haven't posted but Christmas is months away and that's where I'm spending my time. These marshmallows-cookie sandwiches, a new take on s'mores, are out of this world (Oprah agrees!). Colorful marshmallows between shortbread-style cookies and chocolate and salted caramel "glue." Drooling. My favorite are the vanilla ones, but I didn't meet a dud in the sampler pack (spiked espresso! raspberry hibiscus! peppermint chocolate!). They're all delicious, and, honestly, a good gift for yourself. 

(This post was sponsored by Malvi. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)

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