Happy List! {by Charlotte}

Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy weekend, sweet friends! Here's a happy list from Charlotte to celebrate. Charlotte's an editor for a baking magazine, which couldn't be more fitting because most of my memories of my last semester of college involve Charlotte bringing baked goods to late night meetings. Other important things: she and her husband are the cutest, and she has an awesome blog. So lucky to know this sweet girl. 

10 things that are making Charlotte smile as of late:

1. The Internet for keeping far away friends close.
2. Visits from far away friends and upcoming trips to visit far away friends.
3. Planning pipe dream vacations. 
4. Cooking dinner with my husband and recapping our days. No one gets me like he does.
5. New episodes of my favorite podcast, Crit Juice
6. Nerdy workout tank tops like this one. Let's be honest, the reason I workout is so I can wear these. 
7. Good books for work trips. The latest one was "Perelandra" by C. S. Lewis. 
8. My new Dungeons & Dragons character. Clerics are delightfully complicated. 
9. My crew of friends who love me so incredibly well. 
10. Learning how to play Halo from my work bestie. 

Thank you for sharing, Charlotte!

Check out more happy lists here and email your list to ladan.nikravan{at}gmail.com if you'd like to participate. Have a great weekend! xo

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