A Few Days in Nashville...

Monday, August 10, 2015

A few weeks ago we spent a few days in Nashville with Brian's family. It was such a relaxing little getaway, we didn't want to leave (and the car agreed on Sunday morning, not starting before we left!). My family left for a couple of weeks in Europe the same weekend, and it felt a bit strange not going with them and being on another family vacation instead, but this is adulthood, and it's strange at times, but I like it, constantly clogging shower drain aside.

There were an absurd number of bachelorette parties in Nashville that weekend (is this a thing?), and it was soooo hot. We stayed at a ginormous hotel, tried (and failed) line dancing and had popsicles, duh. I'm a lucky girl to be part of two families that vacation better than anyone I know. And with a guy that knows to never pass up a funnel cake.

P.S. Last year's trip to Nashville and Brian's first vacation with my family.

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