Lily Visits!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Brian and I often talk about how we selfishly wish we could somehow pick up our best friends who now live all over the country and plop them all here in Chicago to live near us. Wouldn't that be something?! Until that happens — I'm hopeful! — we're grateful for weekends like the last one, where some of our favorite people are all in the same city. A lot of Brian's college friends were in town, and my friend Lily happened to be here too. Having a cool Iranian chick to gossip in Farsi with while eating your way through the city is as good as it gets to me. 

^^ Let's talk about the 3-hour wait at Big Star, and how thankful we are for the takeout option. Why is going to Big Star always impossible? I mean, I know why (the heart-eyes emoji were made for the fish taco), but still... why? 

^^ My friend Meghan invited us to a crawfish boil at her apartment, which we were in awe of. That girl can throw a party. We were a bit skeptical of the crawfish, though (even with the best instructions we couldn't figure out what parts were the right parts to eat). But not at all of the vodka gummy bears. That's the cool thing about college friends. When you're with them, you're basically always back to those days. 

What a great weekend. And seriously. Everybody move to Chicago already. 

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