Blue Cheese and Walnut Spread

Monday, July 27, 2015

I think these recipe posts are more for myself than anyone else. I'm confident anyone reading this can cook much better than me with much more creative ideas. Invite me over for dinner. I'll let you prove it. Each one of these little posts is a little pat on the back. You didn't order Thai food! You go, girl! Or part of my own virtual recipe box; things I've made successfully, enjoyed and trust myself to repeat. But hearing or reading that someone made something from here makes me so happy, and lots of recipes I've made recently have been from someone who has stopped by here and had something to recommend, so please! Keep coming! Keep sharing!

Throughout May and June, we experimented with a lot of new recipes around here and found some winners, but I didn't photograph any because this kitchen, guys. It's big; big for a little city apartment but big for larger spaces, too. It has lots and lots of cabinets, room for people to stand and chat when we're entertaining, just enough open space for some dance moves while the oven preheats, but it doesn't have windows, and the lighting is prison-like. So there was a hiatus.

Then, it got hot. So hot. And Brian and I decided this was our summer without air conditioning (construction in our courtyard, fear of debris, egos, I'll spare you the story), so we started avoiding the kitchen as much as possible and sticking to three-ingredient meals (bread, peanut butter, honey; spaghetti, butter, cheese; tortilla, eggs, salsa; frozen waffles...), and out of that came two sweaty, irritable, defeated chums (we put in window-unit air conditioner on Saturday...) but also this recipe, the best little after-work snack made in two minutes, the right amount of time before you're dripping in sweat cursing just about everything.

4-ounce bar of cream cheese
1/2 cup walnuts, chopped
Coarse salt and ground pepper
4 ounces cold, crumbled blue cheese
Crackers for serving
* I added (and highly recommend!) some honey, but the original recipe doesn't call for it

In a medium bowl, stir cream cheese with a wooden spoon until softened. Mix in walnuts; season with salt and pepper.

Gently fold in blue cheese, breaking up as little as possible. Serve with crackers and honey.

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  1. Looks great! I wonder if I can get blue cheese here. I have found feta, but haven't looked for blue cheese yet. Glad you put in the air conditioner!


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