Susie & Travis' Wedding!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

You guys. It took all kinds of determination to sit down and put these photos into a post. My mind has been loopy, and I can't seem to focus on anything (except the bag of chocolate covered pretzels I inhaled earlier tonight — definitely focused on those). Brian's out of town for work and since he's my excuse for why I don't get things done, I'm running dry. I think it's this solo-living thing that's throwing me off. No one to tell you to stop watching so much Gilmore Girls. No one to discuss Gilmore Girls with. Going from years of roommates to living with Brian I was worried I'd miss never living on my own, but after a few short stints of it, this girl needs some sort of Gilmore Girls discussion around the house. And, I'd talk to a neighbor, but between you and me, since the new ones across the hall found me in their empty apartment when they were moving in a few weeks ago, peaking to see if their apartment looked like ours, they're not my biggest fan. That's OK. I'll talk to you instead. Did you see pics of the Gilmore Girls reunion?

I'm telling you. Loopy. I had to look at the subject line to wonder why I sat down here. Wedding! Photos! Over the weekend we went to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for my friend Susie's wedding. It was beautiful, a great reunion with some of my best girls and their boys.

We stayed with Brian's cousin, Jen, and her family. Her three boys couldn't get enough of Brian but had little interest in chatting about Gilmore Girls with me. 

We ate a lot of ice cream. On our first day there I had vegan, rosewater, pistachio gelato, which will never be topped. 

We danced until they kicked us out. I love these people.

We brunched. My friend Christel came to the wedding from her new home in Germany, and she showed us photos of her neighborhood and life there (and shared the best types of Haribo candy, which we don't have here!). 

It was so great to be with everyone, I wish it was a weekly occurrence. Congrats again Suze and Travis!!!!!!!!!!!!


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