Junes Bags

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'm not nearly as environmentally friendly as I should be, my laziness gets the best of me too often, but I have the reusable bag routine down. I take the same grungy, ripping Lululemon bag to hold my lunch every day, and on Sundays I take the same woven tote to two grocery stores. Whatever doesn't fit in it doesn't make the cut. Living in a small space means anything that isn't of optimal use is clutter. Plastic bags are clutter (and far from eco-friendly), and clutter doesn't stand a chance around here. 

After years of the same reusable bags with questionable stains, I jumped for joy when Junes sent me two of their bags, with breathable mesh material and amazingly designed deep pockets to store my wallet, keys, phone. Perfect for farmers' market runs and beach days as we transition from June's mild temperatures to (fingers crossed) real summer weather. Also, June Janean Mann, who owns the company and makes the bags, is one of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure to work with through this blog. She's so passionate about her work and truly thinks quality is key, a customer's dream.

You can shop the bags here, and read Junes story here

(This post was sponsored by Junes. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)


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