Happy List! {by Kimmie}

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I'm off to Michigan for the weekend later today, so a Thursday happy list instead of a Friday one because it's feeling like Friday anyway. This one's from my friend Kimmie, who's equal parts spunk and reason. She has so much positive energy and is always down for an adventure, but she's also so easy to talk to and offers great advice. When Brian and I got engaged and didn't know where to start the planning process, Kimmie and her husband Tony told us to choose three words we want our wedding to encapsulate and not to lose sight of those as we begin to make decisions and feel overwhelmed. It's helped so much already.

10 things that are making Kimmie smile as of late:

1. Holding and reading a printed book.
2. Making a new recipe out of my new cookbook, "The Homesick Texan."
3. Baking sweets for my sweets.
4. Running on Lake Shore Drive in the early morning and getting views of Chicago's skyline. 
5. My muddy hiking boots.
6. Thinking about how I can contribute to a better educational system for our youth.
7. Tony's homemade gin and tonic, with Quincy Street Dry Gin.
8. Planning our future hiking trips.
9. Playing on a recreational soccer team.
10. The sunshine and warmth of the summer.

Thank you for sharing, Kimmie! 

Check out more happy lists here and email your list to ladan.nikravan{at}gmail.com if you'd like to participate. Have a great weekend! xo

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