Happy List! {by Sara B}

Friday, May 22, 2015

A happy list from my former roommate (stylist, doctor, chef, handywoman, advice-giver, best-product-recommender), who I miss seeing every day so dearly. I don't have any roommate horror stories from the handful of roommates I've had, but some have been better than others, and living with Sara, which happened a bit randomly, was one of the best decisions I've made. Before Brian and I got engaged, Sara and I would spend nights fantasizing about what the rest of our lives would look like if we lived together forever (in the apartment we first moved into, of course). While we don't live together anymore, Brian's aware that we'll be a trio forever, and maybe one day we'll move into that crummy apartment on Broadway with our own families. 

10 things that are making Sara smile as of late:

1. The return of spring thunderstorms, which also means summer is on its way. 
2. Being asked by my amazing former roommate of four years to be part of her wedding. I didn't realize how she'd become such an important part of my life until she moved out. 
3. Contemplating who will be my next roommate
4. Mad Men (and creepy Glen). 
5. My parents, aka my rocks. 
6. This hilarious video and editorial series on The Onion that I got to help create. 
7. The blueberry old-fashioned at Stan's Donuts. 
8. Cheez-It releasing its extra-toasty flavor. 
9. Iced coffee. This one's pretty much always making me happy (and awake in the morning). 
10. Walking to everything from my new neighborhood, which reminds me every day why I love this beautiful, crazy city so much.

Thank you for sharing, Sara! 

Check out more happy lists here and email your list to ladan.nikravan{at}gmail.com if you'd like to participate. Have a great weekend! xo

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