BBQ Chicken and Shredded Salad with Mint and Yogurt Dressing

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Since moving in together, Brian and I have started something new to both of us: meal planning. We're only on week two, but we're slowly starting to get the hang of it, and while it's not second nature yet, or the most fun activity on Sunday nights, it's saving us a lot of time and money throughout the week.

Our diets were embarrassing when we lived separately. He'd go to the grocery store once every few months, surviving on peanut butter, frozen pizzas and takeout. I'd spend a fraction of my grocery budget on groceries and instead relied heavily on frozen meals from my mom, frozen meals from Trader Joe's and Weetabix (the remaining budget amount would go to, oh, you know, things). All of which I'd eat in my bed. Now we have a proper plan and budget, trying to eat all of our weeknight (and most of our weekend) meals at home with balanced, easy, won't-break-the-bank recipes.

We'd love to hear your favorite quick and easy recipes (bonus if the leftovers can be taken for lunch!) and will share things we try and love. Last night we had this chicken and shredded salad (appropriately titled "Easier Than Any Freezer Dinner"), which we'd highly recommend. Tonight my sister's joining us, and we're having this pasta.


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