Phoenix, Arizona

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Last week my brother and sister's schools had the same spring break, so we took advantage and all went to Arizona for the week. We've taken separate or short vacations the past two years, so a whole week of relaxation together felt like such a treat. Brian couldn't make it because of work, so it felt sentimental having just the five of us for one last vacation before I get married (even though we all love family vacations with Brian). Below are some (too many, as always) photos from our trip.


We stayed at a resort in Phoenix but would spend every other day hiking in a nearby city and most of our nights in Scottsdale. Waking up with no plans but to read by the pool while eating our weight in guacamole was a dream. I read this book, and I definitely recommend it. 

On one of our first few days there we visited the Grand Canyon and were overwhelmed by its depth and beauty. We couldn't believe that its 300 miles long. Photos don't do it justice. 

On our flight home we each shared our vacation highlight and mine was going to Pizzeria Bianco (my lowlight was losing my nice {expensive} camera lens, a careless mistake on my part — as always). It was such a memorable night. We sat in the patio, played games (hilarity ensued) and sipped on our drinks while waiting for our table, and once we got in the pizza was phenomenal. So many parts of this trip will always be special to me, but this one was simple and perfect.

Everyone else's highlight was hiking Devil's Bridge in Sedona. Why you would choose that when there was pizza to choose is beyond me :-)

It was our first time to Arizona, and we can't wait to go back. Thanks for everything, Mom and Dad!


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