Happy List! {by Alyssa}

Friday, April 24, 2015

Two weeks before my junior year of college was about to start, I was without housing. Plans had fallen through with my roommate, and while my friends began moving into their apartments, I started from scratch and turned to Craigslist, where I found Alyssa and her older sister Jenna. I moved into a little garden apartment with them (without meeting them or seeing it first) the next week (with my fingers crossed and a huge knot in my stomach), and I'm so lucky that it couldn't have turned out better. Alyssa is sweet, fun, full of energy and her family is so inviting. We lived together the following year as well, and having the entire (large, definitely large) Soendker family around on game days will always be a fond college memory.

10 things that are making Alyssa smile as of late:

1. Watching my nephews grow into their own personalities.
2. Taking long drives with my mom. She has amazing knowledge and the funniest stories.
3. Dining alfresco. Enjoying warm weather and delicious meals.
4. Spending weekends with my siblings.
5. Exploring new places. Next up: Seattle!
6. Fresh manicures.
7. My morning commute as the sun rises.
8. Revisiting our favorite hangout with my college crew.
9. Music festivals.
10. Trying new recipes from my boyfriend, Brett. He's a fantastic cook.

Thank you for sharing, Alyssa, and congratulations on running your first half marathon last week!

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  1. I anticipate next week's list will be epic.


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