Norouz Weekend!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Iranian New Year, loves! It's 1394, and while it looks a lot like 1393 (Googling why this headache won't go away, realizing it's from too much sugar, swearing I'll stop Googling these things and stop eating so much sugar...), it's better. The nice thing about celebrating the Iranian New Year is it's a fresh start just when I need it. I set resolutions in December, forget about them almost instantly in January and wish it was December all over again in February, and in March it kind of is. A new beginning. And it's spring! Oh, spring! Although, you wouldn't think it with the freezing temperatures and inches of snow Chicago woke up to this morning. But it is spring, and it's a fresh start, and I'm feeling good about things, so starting tomorrow, no sugar. Or less sugar. 

^^ But how can I stop eating so much sugar when my mom sent me back with a box full of my favorite rose water treats? 

We were lucky enough to all be together to ring in the New Year (just like last year), and counted down with our family in Iran and balanced eggs immediately after — but only my dad got one to stay this year. The New Year is the same time as the equinox — the moment the sun crosses the equator and equalizes night and day. It's calculated exactly every year, and this year it was at 5:45 pm for us. It's the only time in the year you can balance a raw egg (it's not a myth!). 

That night my cousin, who lives in Australia but was in Utah for work last week, surprised my dad and spent a few days with us celebrating the holiday and my dad's birthday. We spent the rest of the weekend eating and drinking our way through the city.


On Sunday Brian's parents joined our family at an Iranian restaurant and tried Iranian food for the first time. Sharing our traditions and cultures has been my favorite part of our families getting to know each other better.

What a cultural weekend, and a great weekend. Surrounded by the best people in the world. And now it's back to reality. And snow. 

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