Happy List! {by Shabz}

Friday, March 13, 2015

A happy list from my cutie pie sister!!! This girl. We're different in lots of ways, and that's led to its fair share of screaming and hair pulling over the years, but she gets life. She's a free spirit, so patient and calm, takes risk and is all about living life to the fullest. She's handled a fair amount of torture from me (I used to make her hold my hand until I fell asleep when I was little ... and she was littler ...), but she still threatens to beat up anyone that upsets me. She's my rock, hairdresser, makeup artist, baker and chief "don't tell mom and dad, but..." secret keeper. 

10 things that are making Shabz smile as of late:

1. Having dance parties to "Uptown Funk" int he kitchen with my ma while I bake (and a papa that will secretly record it and send it to all of our relatives). 
2. Lovely friends in different cities that will let me stay with them and create little vacations in the middle of the month (on the roster: Allie in Seattle). 
3. When every mode of public transportation is on time during my daily commute. The commute itself is not on the list, but my parking pass can be. 
4. Having a job that is exhausting in the best way.
5. Having a brother and a sister that will sit on my bed and talk nonsense. 
6. Thinking about the upcoming union that will bring all of my family to Chicago (thanks, B). 
7. Paul Simon and Steve Martin. 
8. My friend Aileen's homemade bread, and the extra loaf she bakes for my family. 
9. Looking through old photo albums. 
10. THIS WEATHER, which means Norooz is coming up, and I get to spend it with my amazing, embarrassing, beautiful family. 
*11. This picture of Steve Martin with a furry friend.

Thank you for sharing, Shabz! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oooo, love her photo! I want to learn to do awesome circus-y stuff!

    1. My brother, sister and Brian have been a few times, and they love it. We'll tell you next time we go!


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