Happy List! {by Kelly A}

Friday, March 27, 2015

Brian and I love these two people. Love, love, love. Because we grew up in the Chicago area and didn't go far for college, most of our close friends are those we made before meeting each other, but we met Kelly and Nick only a few years ago and never pass up an opportunity to hang out with them. Some of the best nights have been those spent around their dining room table, eating yet another great meal from Kelly and sipping on our one-glass-too-many of wine. Kelly's the designer behind my beautiful blog header, and her generosity and kindness amaze me. She also makes the best cookies. And carrot cake. And together Nick and Kelly have helped me work through little things with some of the best advice around that dining room table of theirs. I'm raving, but I can't rave enough.

And these photos of them! These sweet photos. The first is of them in the moving truck they rented five years ago, on April 25, to move from Miami to Chicago — a big risk and adventure they decided to take, having no plans here and knowing very few people. The second is from a few weekends ago, the one-year anniversary of their engagement. They've come so far in these five years, and we're so lucky to be part of their journey. 

10 things that are making Kelly smile as of late:

1. Thinking about the last seven years and how Nick and I have grown up and grown old together since that one Saturday night we met.
2. My grandmother's voice when she realizes it's me on the phone.
3. The way Nick hugs me when we are relaxing on the couch.
4. The recent warm mornings, cloaked in sunshine and a slight cool breeze. 
5. Running outside, feeling the air, feeling the people and reminding myself why I choose Chicago.
6. Colombian guava pastries (Pastel Gloria, especially). They're so fluffy, flaky and delicious. I've had two so far this week ;-)
7. When I come home and for no reason at all, Nick surprises me with a cupcake.
8. Dedicated time to catch up with close friends.
9. The honeymoon possibilities. We don't have a final one yet, but the options are exciting.
10. Sunday mornings, just the two of us, with coffee, pjs and soccer. 

Thank you for sharing, Kelly!

Check out more happy lists here and email your list to ladan.nikravan{at}gmail.com if you'd like to participate. I'll be on spring break in Arizona with my family next week, so have a great week and weekend! xo

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