Snow Day!

Monday, February 2, 2015

It started snowing early on Saturday night on our way to a friend's house, and by the time we came back everything was covered in a thin white blanket. It was the perfect backdrop as a discussion on education reform followed us home from the party and we stayed up discussing for hours. On Sunday when I woke up the entire city was a winter wonderland, which meant ditching all plans and hanging at home all day. I checked off neglected chores, discovered Pizza Hut's extremely underrated garlic crust, won a hundred typing races (strangely addictive! don't start!) and started working on 2014's photo book.

Now it's time to go to begin a new week (from home! trapped in the snow!), so ... over and out. Have a great Monday! xx. 


  1. I love how fun the snow made the weekend! I wouldn't mind if it melted a bit faster, though! ;) :D

    1. Me too, I'm over it! BUT yesterday ended up being a snow day, too, which was the best surprise. I didn't know you could get those from work ;-) Hope it was a snow day for you, too <3


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