Happy List! {by Simin}

Friday, February 20, 2015

Growing up we spent most summers visiting family in Iran, and while I took it for granted then, I'm so appreciative now, especially when it feels impossible to squeeze in a trip every year that passes. My cousin Simin and her brother Saman are closest to my and my sister's age, so every night we would have sleepovers at my grandparents' house, getting into lots of trouble. One time we dumped out all the ice cubes in the freezer and filled the molds with salt water. Another time we put honey in people's shoes. My favorite is when we put curry powder in the toilet tank and family members thought they were having digestive issues because the toilet water would be orange, even after flushes. 

Simin knows how to enjoy life and have fun, and as somewhat who can take life too seriously, I admire and envy that. She's also a good companion for just about anything. She and I have given up sweets (desserts, candy, sugary treats — all the good things) until March 20, and texting her about how hard it is is the only way I've made it so far (three days....). 

10 things that are making Simin smile as of late:

1. Going on a trip with my grandparents. 
2. My first job as an English translator. 
3. The new dress I sewed myself. 
4. The wonderful weekend I had with my friends. 
5. The news of my cousin's engagement. 
6. Losing 3 kg in one month. 
7. The hamster I bought. 
8. The bracelet my brother bought me with his first paycheck. 
9. A song that I have good memories from and listen to every day. 
10. I'm happy my mother's family will be with us for the Iranian New Year and will stay for two weeks. 

Thank you for sharing, Simin! I love you!

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