Happy List! {by Rachel}

Friday, February 6, 2015

Growing up in England, Rachel was my best friend at school, and after losing touch for a short time, we caught up a few years ago, and we're very grateful to the Internet for that. We're now both editors (small world!), and I want to recreate everything from Rachel's wedding as my own. Every photo is straight out of a magazine. Or Downton Abbey episode. Rachel, just come plan mine already. 

10 things that are making Rachel smile as of late:

1. I absolutely love looking at our wedding photos and reliving our perfect day from October.
2. Using my new Mulberry bag. 
3. Going for girlie lunches with my mum and two sisters. 
4. K√©rastase hair products. 
5. Royal Ascot horse racing tickets we just booked for June.
6. Hearing that our wedding DVD is almost ready for us to collect is the news we've been waiting for. I'm planning a cinema-style night for our friends and family to watch it together (accompanied with hot dogs and popcorn!). 
7. Planning this year's Valentine's Day with my husband — two years since we got engaged! 
8. Getting a free facial from my youngest sister, who is in beauty college. 
9. Relaxing on a Sunday evening with the new series of Mr. Selfridge. 
10. Sharing a bottle of pink fizz with my best friends, talking about funny times. 

Thank you for sharing, Rachel! I wish you didn't live thousands of miles away.

Check out more happy lists here and email your list to ladan.nikravan{at}gmail.com if you'd like to participate. Have a great weekend! xo

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