Happy List! {by Jessica D}

Friday, February 27, 2015

Most of my closest friends are from my high school (/middle school/elementary school days), and while I made and kept a few in college and after, it wasn't until recently that I became close with a few ladies and feel the same bond with them as I do with older friends. I met my friend Jessica at work a few years ago, and we instantly clicked. She's such a smart lady (gives the best advice), and I always feel so motivated after we meet and chat about work and life. 

10 things that are making Jessica smile as of late:

1. My dear, sweet cat, Buster Bluth (pictured above), whose long hair is electrified by the winter air.
2. Vacations on the horizon. 
3. Pizza. 
4. Celebrating seven wonderful years with my boyfriend back in January. Some things only get better with age. 
5. Exceeding last year's New Year's resolution to read one book a week (I read 73!), and working towards the same goal this year (currently on No. 13).
6. Beer. To go with pizza. 
7. The idea that everything works out for the better. 
8. Going to Saturday morning yoga, and wearing pants with an elastic waistband all day. 
9. Awards show season.
10. This video of Martin Short's bit on SNL40. Every time I watch it, it cracks me up! 

Thank you for sharing, Jessica! 

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