Bits and Pieces

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Oh geeeeez these photos are old. Holidays old, but they have to go somewhere, and this seems like a nice home. Some of these don't even make sense to me — like the one of Brian on the couch. Why was it taken? It deserved to be filtered? I'm raising an eyebrow to others, too. Liberal use of the iPhone camera these days, I know.

The start of this year has been a little rough here and there for me, but things are on the upswing, and I've been trying to channel positive vibes. And although these photos are old and a few pointless, they remind me of some great moments from the past few months.


  1. Love the Brian eating pose, good level of aggression there that I wish he applied to the painting pic. Is that your tv with the decoration above? That looks amazing. Please do a living room decor post.


    1. It is, and you're so sweet! Our decor feels so haphazard right now, but maybe I'll get my act together soon.


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