Atlanta, Georgia

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I spent Presidents' Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, with my college friend Lily, hitting up the hot spots in her new city. Seeing each other when winter's getting intolerably long has become a little tradition over the past few years. I had never been to Atlanta before (well, except a brief visit about five years ago, when I was offered a job and explored a bit before I almost moved there), and its no-coat weather on Saturday had me sold (while it snowed five inches at home). That and the food. A city with good food is a good city. 

Lily's much, much more outdoorsy and adventurous than I am, and on Saturday we walked 15 miles on trails and around the city. Being without a car, I'm used to being on my feet, but that girl knows how to push me. I could have snoozed all Sunday. 

^^ That's President Snow's mansion from Hunger Games! The grounds and every room is so beautiful. We took a million selfies in the master bathroom ;-)

^^ Right before I left we tried 130 flavors of Coke products at the World of Coke, and I'm still raving about Bibo from South Africa. It tastes just like pineapple candy. We spent the rest of the day trying to find out how to get it here.

It was such a fun weekend, I wish this lady lived closer. Can't wait to see you soon, Lily! xoxo

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