Happy List! {by Maria}

Friday, January 30, 2015

My friend Maria is one of those people who inspires you in everything she does (she has incredible style), and is always so elegant (how doe she look so good after a workout class?). It'd be frustrating if she wasn't so sweet and helpful. A few years ago Maria made the cutest little garland for her apartment to welcome her then-boyfriend, now-husband back from a summer abroad, and I've wanted to make one of my own since. Every time I see her she says we should make it together, and every time I have to remind her how lazy and terrible I am with any sort of DIY. This is all to tell you...

10 things that are making Maria smile as of late:

1. Planning the next trip with James.
2. Snowy Sunday mornings listening to records.
3. Receiving mangoes and avocados in the mail from Miami.
4. Succulents and air plants.
5. The burrata from Spacca Napoli.
6. FaceTiming with my family in Miami while they FaceTime with my sister in LA, and we're all together until the Internet goes down.
7. Every Murakami book, including 1Q84, even though I haven't finished it yet.
8. White nail polish.
9. Winter walks to the lake on a sunny day.
10. Coming home to our cozy apartment and new husband, James!

Thank you for sharing, Maria! How cute is it that the photo that she chose to share was of her husband?

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