Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Have you heard the amazing news? America could get its first dog cafe, and the coffee would come from Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co., a company that combines three wonderful things: puppies, coffee and philanthropy.  

In 2012, Jordan, the founder of Grounds & Hounds, walked past a dog adoption and fell in love with a malnourished Dalmatian as soon as she crawled into his lap. You can hear him talk about it in this video. Shortly after Jordan created a company that strives to support hardworking rescue organizations in all communities with funds generated by your coffee purchase, which help give sheltered dogs a second chance. Twenty percent of all proceeds received by Grounds & Hounds are donated to an animal shelter closest to you. 

You can purchase Grounds & Hounds coffee here (it'll be at Whole Foods soon!). I've been sipping on the decaf blend every morning, and I gifted a few bags over the holidays (a big hit!). It's all carefully sourced and 100 percent Fair Trade and Organic certified. Great coffee, great cause. 

P.S. Some other charities I recommend. 

(This post was sponsored by Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)

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