Cancun, Mexico

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Over the weekend Brian and I went on a quick trip to Cancun with our friends Harsh and Monika. We (regrettably or happily, depending on when you asked us) avoided the all-inclusive hotels and rented an apartment on the hotel strip. It was such a great getaway, we kept wishing it could last forever.

^^ I'm so embarrassed to put this photo on the Internet, but since I had the nerve to wear my shirt around Cancun, I might as well share. Monika had the idea that we all buy each other shirts at a souvenir shop and wear them around town. She assigned us each a person and we weren't allowed to unveil our shirts until they were purchased. She picked out mine. I was mortified.

One of the biggest highlights of the trip was renting boats and going for a little snorkeling trip. It was a good thing the boys were there to drive the boats for an hour and a half in the rain, though. Monika and I would have just floated around too terrified to accelerate otherwise. 

^^ Excuse the water marks on some of the photos. I forgot the camera isn't waterproof, so I rubbed my fingers all over the lens and we have lots of ruined shots.

^^ This is a photo from when we were incredibly lost, mildly worried, finally got a cab, introduced the cab driver to Google Maps and then she dropped us off in the middle of no where.

We were so sad to see the weekend end. Especially because ... Brian and I are good for one big vacation mess up every time (we — basically voluntarily— lost a lot of money in Paris two years ago; lost a bunch of important documents in Italy last year). This time we watched them close the plane's doors without us on our 6am flight and were fined because I had shredded our immigration documents and left them in the apartment we stayed in, so we were told we weren't allowed to leave the country. The issue was quickly resolved (not without a hefty fee) and we made it home on a new flight, earlier than expected, but oi, I wish we could go one trip without a little heart attack.

Now here we are. In a city more than 50 degrees colder than Cancun. Without our best friends and cocktails with every meal. Woof. Bring back last weekend. 

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