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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm a serious homebody, I'm happiest when I'm curled up on the couch, binge-watching TV with lots of chocolate nearby. It's even an ideal date night for me. But during never-ending winters (do you remember last year?), I can get into a rut: dinner — plop on the couch — Netflix. Last week Brian and I I tried something new — made a puzzle (of ourselves!)! We're a fan on two-person games (Mancala and Jenga are my favorites), so when Pinhole Press sent us a puzzle, we were super excited, and it was so fun to make it, snack and chat.

We also made these personalized coasters with photos we took ourselves from recent trips to Paris, London, Wisconsin and Rome. They say "salamati!" on the back, which is Farsi for cheers ;-) 

The puzzle has 250 pieces, and when we first received it Brian figured it would be insultingly easy, but because we chose a photo with too many all-white pieces, and because we're apparently huge puzzle amateurs, it took hours, but when were done it felt like we had accomplished something great. Together! 

Sidenote: We munched on Quinn Popcorn while we worked, and it was a great fuel ;-) We're big fans of Quinn around here (we get it at Whole Foods), and a few weeks ago Brian texted me that we got a "huge-ass box" of it delivered (he wasn't joking). We got to taste and pick of our favorites with friends. Below are the ones we'd recommend eating by the hand(s)ful. Basically every kind they make. Oops.

What do you think? Is a puzzle night totally lame ;-)? Pinhole Press products make for great gifts, too (I love these recipe magnets, bottle labels and notepads), we've given these memory games to little cousins before. 

(This post was sponsored by Pinhole Press. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)

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  1. our family loves puzzles, the Springbok puzzle company is amazing love Quinn Popcorn they make for a great party


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