A Festive Weekend!

Monday, December 22, 2014

It's a two-day work week, guys! Two days! Let's get out of here! This weekend was a great warm up for the festivities to come later this week. On Friday Brian and I went on a lobster roll date (it's a thing. lobster roll date. try it) and checked out some lights downtown — and this candy bar, my favorite kind of bar, a gift from the city to me this Christmas. Some siblings hung out with us on Saturday, and we went to see the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights (a little tradition). On Sunday we went to Brian's soccer game and my little brother's recital. It was a wonderful two days, and I just can't wait to go home tomorrow.

The photo on the top of this post was the hardest to get (many cheers to the guy who gave it 110 percent for five minutes trying to figure out how to take it), and it's blurry and an awkward whole-body shot, but I love it. Get me home to these lovies now, forget tomorrow. 

^^ Da Lobsta's  clam chowder and fiddlers on the subway. I'm telling you guys, stop rolling your eyes, lobster roll dates have nothing but potential.

^^ Brian's cousin has the cutest little munchkin, and Armin and I watched him so his dad could play at Brian's game. He slept the entire time, so we took selfies and told him my deepest secrets. Also, the goons to the right. The best goons. 

The end.

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