A Chai Latte And Other Things

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I started my blog last year after years of stalking dozens of bloggers, bookmarking their stories, taking inspiration from their daily lives. One of those bloggers was, is, Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery, and earlier this year something terrible happened to Jacqui and her husband Dan. Their three-year-old son, Ryan, was killed when he was hit by a pick-up truck while chasing a frisbee outside his cousins' home in California.

Jacqui's such a strong mama and has been sharing her memories since, and one of my favorites is this post on chai lattes. It's so simple and sincere. I've been following Jacqui's story closely for the past few months, and I'm in awe of her optimism and kind spirit. She's so genuine, and her recipes are always spot on. I've been making her chai latte recipe almost daily, and my favorite thing to do is to read blogs like Jacqui's in bed while sipping on one.

To know me is to know my favorite thing to do is to be in my bed, so many, many thanks to the wonderful girls at Nico and Lala for my lucite tray, which holds my hair products on my dresser at times and my breakfast in bed other times. They also sent me this beautiful stationary, which I'd show you, had I not, you know, used it up (I'm a sucker for personalized stuff).

What's the point of this post? Glad you asked. Read Jacqui's blog, make her latte, check out Nico and Lala's cool stuff, hug those you love, don't take things for granted, apologize, be true to yourself, be grateful for all your little blessings. Give someone special to you an extra smooch today.

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