Monday, November 10, 2014

Guys, I can't seem to rid myself of these demons.

A few weeks ago, on a crammed subway on my way back from a conference, I was juggling my (dead) iPad and (dead) phone in one hand, digging for my Kindle, when I realized I rarely just enjoy the present moment. I'm always distracting myself with this or that gadget, and I need to let life slow down (unplugging for 10 days in Italy was the most relaxed I've felt in years).

So, with that, I decided, starting November 1, to avoid using gadgets anywhere outside Brian's, my parents' or my own home. I'd only use my phone to call, text and take photos (but I couldn't post them anywhere because I wouldn't use the Internet outside of the house). I've failed miserably (just like last time). I've been pulling up recipes at the grocery store, checking reviews for products while shopping, sending selfies on the bus because I can't. just. sit.

Last Monday I accidentally left my phone at home. While at work I was surprised to see how many times I absentmindedly reached for it before realizing it wasn't on my desk. It made me realize how much I check it — for really no reason other than habit.

With a failed week behind me, I'm going to try again. Will you join me? Do you have any phone rules? I'd also like to break the habit of sleeping with my phone by my side.

P.S. While we're on the topic, this cartoon is hilarious. This sermon is relevant. This video made me think.
P.P.S. Random, but this New Yorker cartoon is my favorite, and Brian doesn't think it's even a little funny, which I find incredibly frustrating.


  1. gahhh, I know what you mean. :( Although I've actually been trying to do the opposite - look at my gadgets less when I'm at home (and failing miserably, I should add). I HATE realizing I'm watching a TV show...while simultaneously checking my phone. Or eating dinner...and responding to texts. Blah.

    1. Those are my BIGGEST problems. I'll watch a 30 minute show and realize I was on my phone the whole time or scroll my Instagram feed while I eat. It's the worst.


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