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Friday, November 14, 2014

Two years ago I found the cutest little light blue holiday cards at Target. They had a tiny gold, glittered star on them and said "peace." I bought four boxes and sent one to everyone I know (my doctor, you guys, who I see once a year). I wrote a personalized note in each one, and it felt so good to send a little snail mail to everyone who was part of my year that year. Last year I looked briefly for cards, didn't find any I liked and lazily gave up.

This year, thanks to Shutterfly, I'm doing something different. Instead of just personalizing what's inside the card I send, I personalized the card, too! I have a few groups of close girlfriends, wanted to send cards to family and other friends as well, so I made a few sets and sent different cards to different groups (there are so many designs to choose from, but the gold foiled ones are my favorite). Shutterfly lets you personalize your entire order, so you can print one of one design, six of another and 50 of another if you like — totally up to you! You get to pick the shape of the card, and all of the colors and fonts are adjustable. 


I sealed each envelope with a personalized sticker and stamped it with a personalized stamp. These blew my mind (my family! on a stamp!), and I think they'd make a great gift.

Do you send holiday cards? I'd love to hear where you get them from and how you personalize them.

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