Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Monday, October 27, 2014

Over the weekend we went to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and it was so relaxing. We've taken a little trip in the Midwest every fall for the past four years (New Buffalo, Michigan; Door County, Wisconsin; Albany, Wisconsin), and each one has been a highlight of our year. This year B found a mansion to stay in (a huge step up from the shack we rented in Sturgeon Bay two years ago), and we were in awe of the beautiful rooms and bar. I couldn't stop thinking of all the different people and stories that must have passed through the house the past 150 years. 

Last December, after going to Zoo Lights with Brian's sisters, we went out for burgers, and Brian ordered a ginger ale. It was the best ginger ale either of us had ever tasted (we had at least 10 refills), and when we asked the waitress what it was, she said Fanta ginger ale. We've looked everywhere for it since (just last week Brian's sister Kelly was looking for it in St. Louis for us!), but it's apparently only available in fountain form, and a diner in Lake Geneva had it! If you ever stumble upon it, don't even question whether it's worth getting. It's up there with McDonald's Coke. YEP.

^^ The mansion had the coolest bar. I stuck to red wine, but Brian had a cocktail and said the bartender nailed it. It was neat to leave the bar and go upstairs to sleep. It felt like we had a bar in our own house, which would be amazing (and would serve fountain ginger ale). 

We spent the whole weekend laying, sitting and walking around. We'd walk around the beach, get something to drink, lay on the pier, eat a snack (*I ate Culver's for the first time). It was so peaceful.

Thanks for a great time, Lake Geneva! 

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