Grand Rapids, Michigan!

Monday, October 20, 2014

This weekend was my annual Michigan reunion weekend with five of my high school friends, and we decided this one was the best one yet. I've realized lately how important good girlfriends are. I've always been lucky to have them, but as spending time with friends becomes more rare and we lean on our significant others more, its been wonderful knowing a handful of the ladies in my life are always around. Not just these five ladies (who I love so much), but other girls too. Girls I can call in the middle of the night if I'm upset, girls who offer such sound advice I question whether they know me better than I know myself, girls who make my life complete, girls who have become family.

The best thing about these five girls is the blend of personalities and laughter. And the unconditional support. After 15 years it's funny to see how our conversations have changed, how we've changed, but can spend hours having conversations about everything. Conversations where it feels safe to just share and learn and not feel judged or belittled to express your concerns, frustrations, aspirations and dreams.


^^ Our previous trips to Grand Rapids had been in the warm, summer months, and I'm so glad we got to experience fall. The leaves don't turn the colors here they do there.

^^ I love the bite out of one of the donuts; too good to wait! Can't blame her. We waited in line a while for a box of donuts and cider, but they were so delicious. 

^^ Yep.

I always walk away wanting to be a better woman, daughter, sister, girlfriend and friend after I spend time with these ladies. Thanks for a great weekend away, friends! Glad to call you friends.

P.S. Last year's trip!


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