Monday, August 18, 2014

We had the best time biking to and around Evanston yesterday, eating kabobs and pies, scheming, getting winded. In the afternoon we went to a friend's house, locked up our bikes together — like we have for years — and someone stole Brian's. It was a nice bike. A really nice bike. A Trek road bike he got for a triathalon a few years ago. They cut the lock's cord, conveniently left my bike (which no one stole the rest of the afternoon, I'm mildly offended), and left their rusty white bike in place of Brian's. We were really bummed. I woke up this morning still so angry at the universe. I love you, Chicago, but you can really be the worst. 

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  1. OOoooo, that really really sucks! Ever since I got my bike in the beginning of summer, I've been obsessively worried about that. Vincas had someone cut halfway through his lock right before the wedding - he's guessing they got scared off before they could finish! - g


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