Take a Trip to a New Chicago Neighborhood

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I turned 26 last month, but I'm still trying to wrap up my 25 at 25 list. Number 19 was to take a weekend trip to a new Chicago neighborhood. I tried to do this one all summer. My plan was to trade apartments with a friend, but scheduling proved too tough and every weekend seemed booked. I considered a hotel, but those can be pricey in the city; I was ready to give up. So, when Ray of Ray's Bucktown B&B invited Brian and I to stay a night, we jumped at the opportunity. We took a day off last week and spent 24 hours touring Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood. On a Wednesday! It felt wild.

We stayed in the west room, which was right next to the sauna and steam room. I'm a huge fan of hotel pools, but this was even better. Ray's also offers free laundry, which is the biggest jackpot of all jackpots to me. I'm famous for taking load(s)(s)(s) home to my parents' house. I should have taken them to Ray's this time ;-)

The bed and breakfast is huge (11 rooms! The largest in Chicago!), but it feels really cozy. There are several common areas where we saw guests hanging out at all times, and since Ray used to be a professional photographer, he has some neat pieces on the walls, which make the place feel like home. We could have stayed there for days and still found something new at every corner.

The best thing about this place might be the breakfast, which is served whenever you want it in the morning (all other guests opted for 7-8am, we chose 10...). It's made-to-order, and there are new specials each day (bacon, chocolate chip pancakes when we were there...). Aside from what you order, there's tons of fresh fruit and pastries to nibble on while you wait. The ladies who work there and make the breakfast are so cute, too. This was definitely my favorite part of our stay ;-)

And now a little guide to our favorite Bucktown spots! On Tuesday night, after meeting at the B&B after work, we went to Irazu for some Costa Rican food. If I move to this neighborhood know that it's for this restaurant and its giant horchata. It's what my dreams are made of.

On Wednesday morning we went to Cat and Mouse Game Store. We played this game, intense Jenga basically, and while I lost (really) badly, I wish we had bought it and want to play again with my family. I can't find it on Amazon (WHAT?!), so I think we'll have to go back to get it. I don't mind. Maybe we can stop for a horchata, too? 

Our two other favorite stores we visited were Myopic Books and Lomography Embassy Store. We spent most of the afternoon flipping through books and playing with cameras. I've wanted a film camera for a while, and now I'm sold. Our neighborhood, Lakeview, has a lot of great vintage stores and little boutiques, but Bucktown's speciality stores are something else.

We ended the day with pizza at Piece and donuts from Stan's. There might be no better feeling that sitting in a park eating donuts when you'd otherwise be at your desk thinking about donuts. 

So that's that! It was the best weekday break. Thanks so much for having us, Bucktown! Especially Ray's Bucktown Bed and Breakfast. We had such a wonderful time.

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