Combined Birthday!

Monday, August 4, 2014

My friend Emily and I have birthdays two days apart, and for as long as I've been celebrating my birthday in the U.S., we've always had a little celebration together (begrudgingly belated if I spent the summer in Iran). We used to ride our bikes to Burger King on July 29, the day between our birthdays, and stick fries straight up in ketchup containers, pretending they're candles, and blowing them out. We did a lot of strange things.

Check out the photo of us at my 11th birthday party, the first we celebrated together! Look at my sister! ;-)

On Saturday we went to dinner with her husband Alex and Brian, and we had such a nice time. Our waiter acknowledged my and Emily's birthdays after checking our IDs and jokingly said he'd come over singing later, "Red Lobster style" (my worst nightmare), and I told him I'd like a little Dean Martin, "That's Amore." And you know what? At the end of our meal, he sang it! The whole thing! Every verse and chorus. It was such a hilarious surprise. 

Happy birthday, Emily. Love you xx!

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  1. Love you too girl! I love having a birthday with you. <3


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