Bits and Pieces

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I once read that a secret to happiness is keeping a gratitude journal every night -- or even just telling yourself as you fall asleep -- three things that you were grateful for that day and three things you're looking forward to the next day. I think my answer to all six would be "summer." I love this season so much and everything that comes with it. Except mosquito bites. But everything else, guys. Those late-night walks and summer dresses and patio dinners. Never leave us, summer.

Below are some iPhone photos from the past few weeks. I hope you're having a wonderful summer wherever you are! xx


  1. What's with the guinea pig!?

    1. It's Armin's! Brian's just watching it while he's gone.

  2. Love the pics and love to hear that Brian is guinea pig sitting. haha. :)


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