A Weekend With My Sister!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My sister spent some time with me in the city last weekend, and it was so fun to run around with her for a few days. We spent Friday night eating through my neighborhood with my dad. My mom and brother are in Iran for the summer, and my dad and sister are meeting them there next week. It was a nice last hurrah before I'm left all alone in the States. 

"Putting an egg on it" is a big joke in our family (our dad wants to put one on everything), but Dry Hop's mac and cheese nailed it. This we can get behind. 

On Saturday we went to the farmer's market before having a picnic by the Lincoln Park Zoo. We fed ducks and squirrels our leftover crackers and then went to the petting zoo. Brian and I have been to the petting zoo an embarrassing number of times, but it's free!

Shortly after this photo was taken at The J. Parker, it started to pour, and we sipped our drinks huddled under a single umbrella. What's with this weather, man? Like last night's storm, what was that?

Later that night we went to my friend Meghan's house in Wicker Park for a garden party (and the best corn on the cob) and then to Violet Hour for drinks. Summer in the city is something else and so incredibly welcome after that polar vortex mess. I won't even complain about the humidity one bit because there are ice cream cones to eat, glasses of chilled white wine to sip and hours to be spent with best friends just chillin' in the grass.

The next day we went to a flea market and ate some delicious tacos. 

Product placement, but hear me out. You can't really see it because of my unruly mane, but can we talk about this black tank top for a second? I received it courtesy of Everlane a few months ago, and I can't get enough of it. It's more than a summer staple, it's kind of all I find myself wearing (and I've recruited others -- my sister's wearing a grey one in the first few photos). We're big Everlane fans around here, we swear by their tees, and this tank is no exception. 

All of this fun  from the weekend accomplished two 25 at 25 goals! Yahoo! Thanks for visiting, Shabz. I love you! xx

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