A Weekend of Celebrations!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last weekend was birthday celebration after birthday celebration around here. On Friday Brian and I celebrated my birthday a few days early at Perennial Virant. We sat outside for hours (until they closed and kicked us out...) chatting and spying on some first dates. It was wonderful. They have puppy chow. 

On Saturday we celebrated my friend Maggie's birthday with some homemade ice cream cake and karaoke (our favorite!). 

This is everybody belting "Joy to The World." At first everyone was like, "who chose this?" and then everyone got DOWN.

And this is some of the boys with some "Bye, Bye, Bye" action.

On Sunday morning we celebrated my friend Kelly's birthday with a picnic at the park by the beach. It was a gorgeous day. I'm a broken record, I know, but summer please don't end. 


There were wonuts! Waffle-donuts! Perhaps the best combination this world has come up with yet.

Later that night I was so lucky to see my friend Brian's band from Missouri perform. He was in town for a gig, and we got to catch up briefly. It was so great to see him. Living far from your best friends is rough, but his band is amazing. I came home with videos for Brian and Sara, and they were so impressed. 

Brian and I had dinner with his family on Sunday, and they surprised me with the cake to the right, and on Monday our intern at work came to my desk and told me I had to sign for a package, and it was a big box full of delicious cupcakes and brownies from my sweet friends Nick and Kelly. Both were such a great surprise. I've been feeling so grateful and loved this week. Even with my family out of the country, I'm surrounded by such wonderful people that have made a big effort to make me happy. Thanks for all the calls, emails and texts, guys. This birthday was really great. I've got a good feeling about 26.

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